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Након недељу дана паузе, преносимо вам најновије вести са Google блогова - Google Mobile, Webmaster Central Blog, Google Official Blog, Inside AdSense, Google Apps i Inside AdWords. Као и до сада, текстови су пренесени у оригиналу на енглеском језику.


An easier way to view advertising policies | Inside AdWords Blog, 2012.08.08
Understanding AdWords advertising policies is an important part of successfully managing your account and delivering ads that are safe and useful to users. To help you understand how policies affect the delivery of your ads, we recently introduced a status insights icon on the Ads tab. We’re now following up with another feature to help you identify policy issues more quickly: a new Policy Details column.

The results are in for the Google Online Marketing Challenge | Inside AdWords Blog, 2012.08.08
What happens when you give hundreds of student teams across the world an AdWords online advertising budget of US$250 and three weeks to help a local business improve their marketing campaign? A total of 11,000 students from 86 countries/territories participated in this year’s challenge and the results are in.

New Learn with Google Webinars Help Make the Web Work for You | Inside AdWords Blog, 2012.08.07
It’s almost back-to-school time, but students aren’t the only ones who are getting geared up to learn. We’re announcing our next series of Learn with Google webinars, which will arm you with the tools you need to get the most out of Google’s advertising products and solutions. Over the next couple of months, 13 webinars will teach you tips and how-to’s to help make the web work for your business.


Going for Mobile Gold: 10x increase in Olympics mobile searches globally | Google Mobile Ads Blog, 2012.08.06
At the 2012 Olympics we’re seeing new records set everyday, not only in athletic performance, but also in global search behavior. It's clear that these are the first multi-screen Olympics, as users are engaging across TV, computers, smartphones and tablets, often at the same time! We’ve crunched some data from the past week, and the opening ceremony is a great illustration of how mobile devices have taken center stage. Fans turned to their smartphones and tablets to find more information about the incredible feats and celebrities that they saw on screen.


A financial perspective on moving to the cloud | Google Enterprise Blog, 2012.08.06
We often hear from CIOs and IT leaders about the benefits they've seen since moving their organizations to the cloud. The role of the CFO in this decision is sometimes overlooked, but it's an important one. We wanted to learn more about what CFOs consider to be the benefits of moving to the cloud, as well as their concerns.


Giving you a better Google | Google Official Blog, 2012.08.03
We work every day to create a more seamless, beautiful user experience—to give you a better, easier-to-use Google. This means continuously improving the products we offer, and recognizing when users of one product might have a better experience with another. Over the past year, we’ve made changes to around 50 products, features and services—donating, merging and shutting things down so we can focus on the high-impact products that millions of people use, multiple times a day. Today, we’re announcing a few more changes.


Website testing & Google search | Webmaster Central Blog, 2012.08.09
We’ve gotten several questions recently about whether website testing—such as A/B or multivariate testing—affects a site’s performance in search results. We’re glad you’re asking, because we’re glad you’re testing! A/B and multivariate testing are great ways of making sure that what you’re offering really appeals to your users.


PubTalk Hangout: Test ad sizes and placements on your site  | Inside AdSense Blog, 2012.08.07
Many of you have opted in to receive our customized suggestions about your AdSense implementation. Wonder what publishers have to say after they’ve implemented one of these suggestions? Now you can hear from the publishers themselves in our new Google AdSense optimization series.