Ниво знања: средњи 

Преносимо вам најновије вести са званичних Google блогова које су обележиле претходне две недеље. Вести преносимо на изворном енглеском језику.

+Google Street View

Introducing Imagery of Chile and Croatia on Google Maps | Google Lat-Long Blog, 2012.09.26

In the spirit of making Google Maps more comprehensive and accessible to people around the world, today we’re introducing Google Street View imagery of Chile and Croatia. We hope that these images are useful to both locals who want to scope out their own neighborhoods as well as tourists who are planning trips to either of these scenic countries.

+Google Play

Google Play hits 25 billion downloads | Official Android Blog, 2012.09.26
Whether you’re looking for directions, checking email or sharing a picture with friends, apps are now an indispensable part of life. And if you’re using Android, it all starts with Google Play, home to 675,000 apps and games. That’s a lot of choice. We’ve now crossed 25 billion downloads from Google Play, and to celebrate we’re offering some great discounts for the next five days.

+Google AdWords

Introducing The Google Display Network Playbook for Performance Marketers | Inside AdWords, 2012.09.26

We’re living in an always-connected culture -- in fact, the average American spends a full 2 months of their waking year online (emarketer, 2011). That’s time spent at work, on the go with mobile phones, and on the couch with tablets. With this wide array of screens, how do you reach your audience, and your performance goals -- at scale and with efficiency? The Google Display Network has the reach and technology to help get your message to the right customer, at the right time, all across the web -- no matter the device or channel. But putting together an optimized performance campaign to reach this fragmented audience can be a real challenge -- so we decided to bring you your very own toolkit -- The Google Display Network Playbook for Performance Marketers.

+Google Analytics

Ecommerce Filtering and Custom Variables | Google Analytics Blog, 2012.09.20
We’re always looking to improve the way you can analyze metrics in Google Analytics, and ecommerce is one subset of data that is of particular importance to many of our users. That’s why we are making updates to our tracking code and processing which will result in improvements to filtering and custom variables for ecommerce sites. These changes will allow you to better filter, segment and categorize the revenue generating portion of your traffic.

+Mobile Ads

Mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into customers | Google Mobile Ads Blog, 2012.09.25
In this world of constant connectivity, consumers expect to find the information that they want, when they want it - especially when they’re on the go. We know that this applies to their web browsing experiences on mobile, so we took a deeper look at users’ expectations and reactions towards their site experiences on mobile. Most interestingly, 61% of people said that they’d quickly move onto another site if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site. The bottom line: Without a mobile-friendly site you’ll be driving users to your competition. In fact, 67% of users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site, so if that site’s not yours, you’ll be missing out in a big way.

Small screen, big creative opportunity | Google Mobile Ads Blog, 2012.09.21
Earlier this year, mobile took the stage as a category at Cannes for the very first time. Earlier this week, we launched the Creative Sandbox Gallery, a crowdsourced collection of global campaigns that push the boundaries of creativity and technology across digital platforms. It’s becoming clear that mobile has truly arrived as a creative platform, and we can feel a new awakening brewing within the creative agency community around the possibilities of mobile.

+Google News

Google News turns 10 | Official Google Blog, 2012.09.22
Inspired by the widespread interest in news after the September 11 attacks, we invested in technology to help people search and browse news relevant to them. Google News broke new ground in news aggregation by gathering links in real time, grouping articles by story and ranking stories based on the editorial opinions of publishers worldwide. Linking to a diverse set of sources for any given story enabled readers to easily access different perspectives and genres of content. By featuring opposing viewpoints in the same display block, people were encouraged to hear arguments on both sides of an issue and gain a more balanced perspective.