Ниво знања: средњи

Настављамо серију постова "Новости из Google-a" коју смо започели прошле недеље. Вести са блогова вам преносимо на енглеском језику.


Fairfax Media Goes Google | Official Google Enterprise Blog, 2012.07.03
In an increasingly web-enabled world, the speed of sharing information continues to increase at a stunning acceleration. This has changed the way businesses in every vertical operate, but no field has been more impacted than the media sector – businesses that deal in information itself.

A new future: hitting “Refresh” on business technology | Official Google Enterprise Blog, 2012.07.03
Over the last two months I had the opportunity to spend time with hundreds of CIOs as we took Atmosphere – our annual cloud event – to 20 cities globally. What I heard from them boiled down to one simple idea: they’re looking for a better way to do things.


Block ads on your site with the updated Google Publisher Toolbar | Inside AdSense Blog, 2012.07.03
In January, we launched the AdSense Publisher Toolbar to help you save time and monitor account performance directly from your pages. If you’re one of the over 31,000 publishers who have already installed this handy Chrome extension, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve renamed it to the Google Publisher Toolbar


The web is working for American businesses | Google Public Policy Blog, 2012.07.02
The web is where we go to find things—that somewhere special to eat tonight, the directions to guide us there and suggestions for that one-of-a-kind present for the birthday girl. Ninety-seven percent of Americans are looking online for local goods and services using their computers and mobile devices.

Measuring innovation and creativity in the Internet era | Policy by the Numbers, 2012.07.03
Innovation is not just about science and technology. It's about arts and culture, too. Technological development and the arts have always had a symbiotic relationship.

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