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Преносимо вам најновије вести са званичних блогова Google производа. Као и обично, вести преносимо на изворном енглеском језику.


Win Moments that Matter with Learn with Google Webinars | AdWords Agency Blog, 2012.10.11
As we’re nearing the end of 2012, we’ve all got business goals to meet. Some of you might even be prepping for your busiest season. Today, we’re announcing our next series of Learn with Google webinars, which will arm you with the tools you need to get the most out of your holiday ad dollars.

An update on ad rotation options | Inside AdWords, 2012.10.02
Back in June, we responded to feedback about changes to how ad rotation works in AdWords.

Impression share reporting changes coming soon | Inside AdWords, 2012.10.01
In early November, AdWords impression share (IS) reporting will get some improvements to give you better insights, including new columns and hour of day segmentation. Along with these improvements, we’re also announcing some changes in the availability of certain historical IS data.

Digital marketing made (much) easier: Introducing Google Tag Manager | AdWords Agency Blog, 2012.10.01
Today there’s a rich suite of tools allowing marketers to gain better insights, reach audiences in new ways, and develop improved marketing campaigns so users have better web experiences. Yet many modern marketing tools—like web analytics, conversion tracking, remarketing, and more—depend on adding "tags" to your website.


Real Time Analytics Supports Profiles | Google Analytics Blog, 2012.10.17
Last year we announced the beta launch of Real Time Analytics. We knew it would be an addictive feature but we were blown away seeing the growth and usage. In fact, we now have over 7 years worth of engagement with the feature every day!

Make better decisions in AdWords with your Google Analytics data | Google Analytics Blog, 2012.10.03
Google Analytics users already know how useful it is to analyze advertising and web data together. Now we’re making it possible to use your Google Analytics data right in AdWords. After setting up AdWords to import your Google Analytics data, you’ll have access to key metrics like Bounce Rate, Pages Per Visit, and Average Visit Duration directly in the AdWords interface. With more performance data available right where you’re managing your campaigns, you can make better informed decisions and improve your AdWords ROI.


The Mobile Playbook: Updated with New Strategies on Mobile Creativity and ROI | AdWords Agency Blog, 2012.10.09
Earlier this year, we launched The Mobile Playbook in the US to help brands and agencies develop winning mobile strategies. At the time, most marketers had already moved beyond the “why mobile?” question, but didn’t know where or how to get started. Now it’s become clear that, when done right, mobile works for marketers.

Mobile and...anthropology? | AdWords Agency Blog, 2012.10.02
So what is the meaning of mobile? That’s a big and complex question, but to start scratching the surface we sought the help of an anthropologist who went into the homes of mobile users and spoke with them at length, observing their device interactions and asking them to keep “mobile diaries” to understand the role mobile is playing in their lives.


The new Chromebook, for everyone | The Official Google Blog, 2012.10.18
The new Chromebook is a great computer at any price, but it’s an incredible computer at $249. It’s one of the lightest laptops on the market. You can easily carry it around all day—it’s 2.5 pounds, a mere 0.8 inches thick, with more than 6 hours of battery life for the typical user.

Google’s data centers: an inside look | The Official Google Blog, 2012.10.17
Today, for the first time, you can see inside our data centers and pay them a virtual visit. On Where the Internet lives, our new site featuring beautiful photographs by Connie Zhou, you’ll get a never-before-seen look at the technology, the people and the places that keep Google running.

Bringing history to life | The Official Google Blog, 2012.10.10
Today you can discover 42 new online historical exhibitions telling the stories behind major events of the last century, including Apartheid, D-Day and the Holocaust. The stories have been put together by 17 partners including museums and cultural foundations who have drawn on their archives of letters, manuscripts, first-hand video testimonials and much more. Much of the material is very moving—and some is on the Internet for the first time.